Mina de sal wieliczka polonia

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Mina de sal wieliczka polonia

salt mines in krakow poland

The Wieliczka salt mine, near Krakow in southern Poland, is one of the oldest operating mines in the world. The site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has its origins in the 13th century.

World Heritage SiteIn 1978, this monument was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beautiful salt excavated chambers, the incredible subway lakes, the imposing wooden constructions and the salt sculptures found there.

The itinerary begins with a descent of 380 steps of the approximately 800 steps of the complete tour. In addition, there are more than 300 corridors and 300 chambers on 9 levels. Of course, the tour is not suitable for claustrophobic people.

When he got married, he moved to Poland and something amazing happened. He was touring his new property and at one point he ordered his men to start digging. They found huge deposits of salt. To tell him about the find, one of his men presented him with a lump of white rock salt.

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One of the most amazing places in Poland are the salt mines of Wieliczka. It is nothing more and nothing less than the oldest salt mines in Europe with more than 3 kilometers to go and 300 meters deep.

The mines are known as Poland’s subway salt cathedral, as they feature labyrinths of galleries along which are chambers and chapels with beautifully sculpted figures illustrating the history of salt mining.

But what makes the Wieliczka salt mines so special? First of all, visiting practically a palace deep in the ground is an attraction that requires no further introduction. However, its historical, cultural value and beauty are just some of the aspects that most attract tourists.

The tourist route allows you to learn about the history of the mine, through a tour of 3.5 kilometers of galleries along 22 chambers with subway lakes, old tools, machines and different sculptures made by the miners with blocks of salt.


Only 15 km away from one of the most beautiful cities in Poland – Krakow – is the entrance to a place that is hard to believe could exist. This place I am talking about is one of the longest operating salt mines in the world: Wieliczka Salt Mine, a subway world in Poland.

If you are very lucky you might have the chance to see some of the workers of the mine, you will see them in their working clothes and in their vehicle they use to transport things 🙂 When I went to the mine I asked for a picture with them.

When you enter this chapel I can assure you that you will be extremely impressed and you will ask yourself: How is it possible that some people have built this? And I am not kidding with this, the chapel is perfectly preserved and you have sculptures that are completely made of salt.

If you prefer to go by train you will need to go to Krakow Central Station and buy a ticket at the ticket window. You should take a train to Wieliczka Rynek Kopalnia station. Going by train is much faster, as it only takes about 20 minutes.

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Salt is a very precious cultural asset in Poland, especially in the Middle Ages, not only for its property to preserve food, but also in the economy, as salt became a unit of payment in trade and in fact this means was so popular and valued that usually the salary was rewarded in salt.

The tour of the mine lasts approximately 2 hours, at the beginning you have to go down quite a few stairs to reach the different subway levels, exactly 380 steps, for this reason this visit is not recommended for claustrophobic people.

In the different chambers, being the biggest the Warszawa one, you will walk along a 300 km. long path, it is important to say that not all the chambers are enabled for tourist visits. In the rooms you will see sculptures of distinguished personalities of Polish history and religious statues such as the Polish Pope John Paul II, Copernicus, who has a room in his honor, and the German poet Goethe among others.