Tagore frases sobre la amistad

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Tagore frases sobre la amistad

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I have compiled a nice selection of phrases and quotes about friendship, written by great universal personalities of all times. It doesn’t have to be Friend’s Day for us to dedicate one of these phrases to our friends.

Of course Carlos, friendship is love, at least that’s how I see it, if we have a friend it’s because we love him/her, otherwise he/she wouldn’t be our friend or we wouldn’t consider him/her as such, right? And obviously, as you say, like love, it is quite devalued… I want to believe in this one: How rare and wonderful is that fleeting moment when we realize that we have discovered a friend!

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Almost two centuries after the existence of Rabindranath Tagore, his phrases, poems and thoughts are still in full force, without having lost an iota of its freshness. Undoubtedly, that is the great difference that mark the great characters of history against the rest, the immortality of his words is so sublime that prevail to the passage of time imperturbably.

Rabindranath Tagore is the name of one of India’s most famous poets and thinkers. Born in Calcutta on May 6, 1861, he belonged to a well-to-do Brahmin family in colonial times, which provided him with an excellent education. Tagore was the youngest of fifteen children.

In 1878 he studied law in England, where he lived for a short time. When he returned to India, it was not long before he acquired fame as one of the country’s most important authors.

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63.  The most important lesson that man can learn in all his life is not that there is pain in the world, but that it is up to us to profit by it, since we are allowed to transform it into joy.

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Tagore revolutionized Bengali literature with works such as Home and the World and Gitanjali. He extended the broad Bengali art with a multitude of poems, short stories, letters, essays and paintings. He was also a cultural sage and reformer who modernized Bengali art in defiance of the severe criticism that hitherto linked it to classicist forms. Two of his songs are now the national anthems of Bangladesh and India: the Amar Shonar Bangla and the Jana-Gana-Mana.

Tagore was born in Jorasanko (Calcutta), son of Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Ravat. Debendranath Tagore formulated the Brahmo faith propagated by his friend, the reformer raja Rammohun Roy. Debendranath became the central figure of the Brahmo society after the death of Roy, who was respectfully referred to as a maharishi by his followers. He continued to lead the Adi Brahmo Shomaj until his death.

In 1890 Tagore left to manage the family estates in Shilaidaha, an estuarine region located in present-day Bangladesh, where he lived in a houseboat on the tributary system of the Padma River. Works from this period such as Sonar Tari (1894), Chitra (1892) and Katha O Kahini (1900), finished showcasing him as a poet. In addition, he was also earning a reputation as an essayist, playwright and short story writer, reflecting the life of the people he saw around him, earning him considerable acclaim.