Frases damor en català curtes

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Frases damor en català curtes

poemes en catala curts

For those of you who are looking for idioms in Catalan and do not speak the language, we have made a selection of Catalan phrases with their corresponding translation. Catalan is a rich language, full of nuances, with which you can construct perfect phrases for certain moments. Throughout history there have been many Catalan characters who have left phrases in Catalan for posterity, we have collected them and translated them so that anyone can read them and understand their meaning.

Beyond the depth of certain phrases, Catalan also gives to make funny phrases. These are some of the funniest phrases in Catalan, so you can share them on social networks or say them to whoever you want. If you are learning Catalan, nothing better than learning it through funny phrases. If you are looking for funny phrases in other languages, on our website you will find famous quotes in many languages.

One of the social networks in which we use more famous phrases is WhatsApp. Not only to describe our status, they are also great for our conversations. If you are looking for a phrase in Catalan for WhatsApp, here are a few to inspire you.

piropos in catalan

Every obstacle that arises on this planet is an opportunity to grow and transcend our way of thinking and thinking differently, or an excuse to go back to the belief that we are stuck.

Accept the challenge, don’t run away from the difficulty, face it with defiance and courage. Never be discouraged. Growing is a process that never ends and before each triumph you have to think, what new test accompanies it.

An applause for those who walk barefoot. For the one who laughs for no reason. For the one who looks with tired eyes. He who heals with his pain. He who loves without conditions. A round of applause for those who live, despite everything!

In this world there are only two types of people, those who sit under the tree of life waiting for the fruit to fall into their hands; and those of us who once and for all, we are ready to take the fruit we want and wish for.

Every day life gives you a new opportunity to start over, change and create a different destiny. And it is not life’s fault if you decide to fill this new instant with pains, anxieties and worries of the past.

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love poems in catalan

Next April 23rd we celebrate Sant Jordi’s Day. A very special day for all Catalans in which it is tradition for men to give women a rose and for women to give them a book. Do you know where this custom comes from?

Legend has it that there was a terrible dragon that had frightened the people of Montblanc, lurking outside the city walls. To prevent it from crossing the wall, the inhabitants began to give it animals, but when they ran out, they had to sacrifice themselves. By means of a lottery, one of the townspeople was chosen to be devoured by the monster.

On one occasion the chosen one was the princess who, despite her father’s pleas, decided to go out to meet her fateful destiny. At the very moment when she was about to be attacked by the dragon, a knight on a horse would arrive and cause a mortal wound to the dragon and immobilize it with the princess’s belt. He would then take it to the gates of the village, where he would finish it off in front of all the inhabitants.