Frases de terror para whatsapp

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Frases de terror para whatsapp

Phrases of not being afraid

Fear is an emotion characterized by an intense unpleasant sensation caused by the perception of danger, real or supposed, present, future or even past. It is a primary emotion that derives from the natural aversion to risk or threat, and is manifested in all animals, including humans. The ultimate expression of fear is terror. In addition, fear is related to anxiety.

From the biological point of view, fear is an adaptive scheme, and constitutes a survival and defense mechanism, which arises to allow the individual to respond to adverse situations quickly and effectively. In this sense, it is normal and beneficial for the individual and for the species.

From the psychological point of view, fear is an affective, emotional state, necessary for the correct adaptation of the organism to the environment, which causes anguish and anxiety, since the individual can feel fear without there appearing to be a clear reason.

From the social and cultural point of view, fear can be part of the character of the person or of the social organization. One can, therefore, learn to fear objects or contexts, and one can also learn not to fear them. It is related in a complex way to other feelings (fear of fear, fear of love, fear of death, fear of ridicule) and is closely related to the different elements of culture.

Mysterious phrases

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The following scary phrases for Instagram, Tumblr or WhatsApp are ideal if you want to share some quotes full of evil on your social networks…. especially if Halloween is coming up! Choose from these scary quotes your favorite one.

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Two-sentence horror stories

Fear is a very important feeling in people’s lives. It paralyzes us, makes us overly calculating; it turns us into extreme weighers of what will happen Why? Because fear is always generated by a break with the given, with a sense that something dark can come from anywhere.

But the dead are, ergo, we are still sensualists when we believe in ghosts and the like. Strictly speaking, if we think about it for a moment, the idea of wandering souls from beyond the grave is the saddest and most painful: not getting peace, looking for a breath of life, faint consciences that perhaps only want a little understanding or to continue doing evil.

Fear of the inexplicable. Human beings love routine, because it is precisely because it gives them security. The question, in truth, is very simple: we make an interpretative scheme of everything, therefore, everything that happens has some explanation. What if it is not so? What if what escapes us ends up being something that can put an end to our days? Fear, all of a sudden, is transfigured into terror.

Short horror stories

In general terms, the death of someone we love is sad and painful for those who must accept their departure and, although Mexicans take it in the same way, they have a different attitude towards the death of a loved one. Culturally and out of respect for their ancestors, since ancient times, they pay homage and perform rituals in honor of their dead. We must also recognize that Mexican Catholics do not agree with the Day of the Dead celebrations.

In this opportunity we want to share with our readers postcards to celebrate the Day of the Dead. The postcards contain images and phrases characteristic of this celebration. To download them simply right click on the image and then select the option «save as». Happy Day of the Dead!

In this opportunity we leave to our readers images of the day of the dead that you can print for free. These images will be useful to decorate your home, as well as to give to your friends.